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Blog for Wednesday 8th May 2024


Today is one my good friend's from school birthday, she lives in Canada. So …”Stevie, Happy Birthday! May the year that lies ahead of you, be full of fun, new adventures, love, laughter, fulfilled dreams and a deep contentment and peace!”

In the wee, dark, damp and chilly hours of this morning, I fed my moaning, howling, yowling feline, made my coffee and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and then to get our paraphernalia together for our Bible Study Group.

This morning our Bible Study Group was to be in at Wauchope at Marg’ and Ian’s home. But … as we were leaving – already running a few minutes late … Ken saw that one of our bulls had managed to get himself into the Small River Camp. So what? You think. Yes, but all the little seedlings, from the pasture seed just planted, are coming up like fine hairs and something the weight of a bull would cause so much damage as he walked, trampled and chomped around in that camp!

So, I had to turn around in the ute’, take Ken back up to the top shed where he could get the quad bike to chase said bull out of the Small River Camp. All this is happening in the slippery-slidey mud!

When Ken got up to the bull, the bull simply turned around, trotted off and leapt over the electric fence. Bless him!

Now … we were seriously late – half an hour late! I had phoned to let the group know and they were very relaxed about it as no one was in a hurry to get anywhere apparently!

Shoo! After all that hoo-hah it was nice to be able to sit down, chat and have a cup of coffee before we began our Bible Study in earnest.

Ian and Marg’ had invited Ken and I to lunch there with them, as Ken had an eye checkup at Spec Savers at two o’clock in Port Macquarie . I told Marg’ that I would make a heap of sandwiches, and Ian had made a delicious pumpkin soup, so there was enough food there for the seven of us (Sandra and Noel are away on holiday at present.)  So, we all stayed and had lunch together which was lovely.

From Marg’ and Ian’s home we went straight to Spec Savers in Port Macquarie and apparently Ken’s sight has hardly changed at all, so he did not need new glasses. Wonderful!

Then our next port of call was to Aldis – just for a few groceries, and we also stopped for fuel for my little car. Then it was home again, home again jiggety-jog!

We only got back home just before half past five – so it had been a long day for poor little Raffie to be inside, but he always puts on such a happy display of affection when we get back home.

Both Ken and I were tired, damp, cold and not that hungry so after unpacking the ute,’ and putting things away, I just made fried eggs on toast – or I had mine on plain bread and butter.

It was then time to crawl into bed and go to sleep. I did both!

What lesson did I learnt today? Patience. Yep! Patience yet again.

What am I grateful for today? A lovely morning with good friends.

My saying for today is …

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