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Blog for Wednesday 8th November 2023

Shoo! Ken’s words woke me up mid-swing! “What are you doing darling?”

I was dreaming and someone had spat on one of our children, (in this dream it was Mich’ – our youngest – and she was a little girl in this dream,) she was taking part in an enormous worldwide production with fanfare, costumes, singing and whatnot, and this young guy spat on her and dirtied her face. Me, being the pacifist, was ready to annihilate him and I took an almighty, and very unfriendly, swing at him and connected with my bedside lamp (as you do on an occasion like that!) There was much clattering of things on my bedside table going on and so I woke up properly and then got up.

It was ten to four in the morning! My day had begun …

Shame, Shamara has hurt her back right leg – well, I assume it is her leg or foot as she is not putting it down onto the floor at all, plus she slept in my studio last night and did not come down to sleep on our bed as she normally does. I do hope it is something trivial and will soon be better.

After my Quiet Time I began to work on my SRE lessons and then had a shower and got dressed for town. Today we would only be going into Wauchope as Ken had to pick up and bring home all the supplies – a huge ute’ load – for the farm – gates and their fittings, barbed wire rolls, water troughs, and feed troughs too. There are only a couple of water troughs outstanding, but Ken will fetch them when they come in.

Ken dropped me at the Timbertown IGA and the Holy Cow Butchery in Wauchope while he picked up the farm supplies. It was lovely for me as there was no rush like normal and I could, just for once, walk and not run through the shop. I really enjoyed that PLUS I did not buy anything NOT on my list! How is that for discipline?

I got some nice lettuce leaves for my chooks today. I love it when I walk outside for when they see me – such great excitement and a highly animated conversation of squarks and squeaks ensues as to what titbits I have for them! My spoilt feathery friends.

When we got back home later – at about half past two, Ken went to have his siesta and I, after unpacking and putting away the groceries and meat, lay down on the couch in the living area to be cooled by the breeze coming in the front door, but I fell asleep and with an enormous snort woke myself up ten minutes later! Shoo! What a noise, Gail Morgan, I thought there was a pig on the loose in our home!

I then went up to my studio again to work on my SRE lessons and also to read through my Kids Church lesson which is for two Sundays away. Talk about getting myself organized and all that!

It has been a really hot day today, which should also help with the growing of our pastures after all the lovely soft, soaking rain we have had. I am still hoping for maybe a thunderstorm later today – we shall see if that will happen.

Nope! It scuttled by.

I have a lot of ironing to do but will tackle that tomorrow I think – maybe early in the morning to get it done and behind me. I guess it will depend on what I have on my To Do List.

For our supper tonight it will be mashed potatoes, savoury mince, peas and butternut or maybe a pasta, savoury mince served with grated Parmesan and a salad? We had the pasta dish instead.

What lesson did I learn today? To do what I have to, when I have to and with a positive attitude no matter what!

What am I grateful for today? The sunshine after all the rain.

My saying for today is …

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