Blog for Wednesday 9th November 2022

I was up bright and early as I knew that the cattle truck would be arriving fairly early to collect our cattle across the river.

I had filled in the NVD (National Declaration Vendor) book last night, with all the particulars relating to the cattle being sold for Ken to take across to the cattle truck driver this morning.

I fed my cat, made my coffee and had my Quiet Time.

Ken was up a lot earlier than normal and soon was bouncing and banging across the river on the quad bike to meet up with the guys at the temporary yards.

Honestly, our cattle had turned into lambs overnight and simply trotted up the ramp and into the cattle truck with an air of great dignity! Ken said it was a wonder to behold.

This morning my little world came crashing down as one of our animals – a cow I would guess. A bull would have done far more damage – had broken the gate latch into my veggie parch and almost destroyed most of my lovely plants.

I wanted to cry. But I have been down this path many times before. Added to that veggie patch destruction were both little ferns (remember the ones I had re-potted?) that were thriving at our front door, the dogs removed from their pots and obviously had a good game of tug-ot-war with them.

I took a deep breath, and I will start again. Not today as I was feeling a little flat, I just watered the plants that remained and tidied the mess today.

What I did for today took me almost the whole day. I laminated and then cut out each little page, put six of them together, punched a hole at the top left corner and will use split rings to hold the pages together like a miniature book. There were 138 pages, so you can well imagine it kept me very busy! But, hey! They are done, now I just have to buy some split rings to bind them.

I then worked on the words for the Kids Church Christmas presentation at church. I am going to do all the hand actions and the children will mimic them for ‘Walk Thru the Old Testament’ in about eight minutes! I have asked another lady to read the words out for me as I am trying to involve everyone who takes part in teaching in our Kids Church.

I have not as yet made the little puppets which we will use in the telling of the Christmas story, as I need to buy some felt et cetera for that. I am so hoping for a Christmas play of excellence that the children can be proud to take part in.

Luckily for me, we still had some savory mince leftovers, so that was supper tonight. Savory mince sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese served on toast with a tossed salad. I had worked long and hard with no time left for cooking today!

In between my working on the children’s little books, I did load after load of washing but still need to wash our bed linen tomorrow. I will do the ironing then too.

What I did while working on the children’s books was listen to my new audio book ”A Year in the Wild” by James Hendry. It is very amusing in places and certainly helped me forget what I had to accomplish in creating this miniature books! I laughed out loud a lot!

Tonight I sank into my bed and was soon sound asleep, while my man sat up in bed doing his beloved code word puzzles.

What lesson did I learn today? Never give up.

What am I grateful for today? That although my veggie patch was almost destroyed, it is not totally wiped out. A few plants survived like the chilli bush!

My saying for today is …

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