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Blogs for Sunday 8th and Monday 9th October 2023

Sunday morning saw us all a little bleary eyed and weary, but we had to look slippy and tidy the home up, pack and move out. Originally, we had planned to have breakfast together somewhere in the Midlands but this person had to be there at such and such a time, and that person had to be elsewhere at that time and so blah-blah-blah fish paste – in the end wewaved a fond farewell to Erwin (Ken’s good friend) as he had to meet someone so could not come to breakfast, and then Mich’, Robert and Josh’ went to Hilton Road to stay over night with Scott (Robert’s eldest brother).

Kent drove Kerry’ and me down to Kerry’ and James’ home in Ballito as Kent had to fly out and back to Tukey where he is First Mate on a 100foot luxury yacht! I really wish that Kent could have stayed longer, and I am sure that Josh’ thought so too. Kent flew out from the Durban airport at six in the evening.

James remained behind picking up and dropping off candlesticks, vases, candles and the like that Kerry’ had packed earlier in the day. That meant that Kent, Kerry’ and I got back home long before James got here. We unpacked (well, Kent packed) and settled in.

Oh how I love Kerry’ and James‘ home – it is like looking at their history when one gazes through each room. It shouts the years of living in different areas of Africa, and it is just so them!

The entrance to their home – through the door and down those steps.

Their home inside and outside is just full of ‘treasures’ from all over Africa. Here, outside are buffalo horns to hang things on!

This is a close up of the door at the entrance – which I loved. It is from Zanzibar, I think.

Treasures. Treasures. Treasures everywhere and Kerry’s paintings dotted in each room too. Just beautiful!

Our first evening – or rather my first evening here with Kerry’ and James, it was just the three of us and we were all tired, so James ordered curried chicken and chips to be delivered. As soon as we had all eaten, we headed for bed!

I slept in Tyra’s old room and will be sharing it with Josh’ when they (Mich’, Robert and Josh’) join us tomorrow. Mich’ and Robert are in Kent’s old room. It really is such a lovely home and so James and Kerry’ – plus Kerry’ and James’ room is enormous and looks out into the natural bush, and James also had a studio put in for Kerry’s painting room.

Monday 9th

I got up early as usual but was not sure where the lights were and as it was very dark and raining, I stayed in my room until I heard James’ telling me that he was about to let the dogs in and I had better shut my bedroom door or have two soggy dogs onmy bed!

In the late morning Kerry’, James and I went out to the shops as Kerry’ needed to get in some supplies. I was so excited as she bought some Provita biscuits and Bovril for me! Yoh! I miss those in Australia!

In the afternoon Mich’, Robert and Josh’ arrived and suddenly the home was full of busy bodies all enjoying one another’s company. There honestly is nothing to compare to a happy family … absolutely nothing!

For our supper Kerry’ chopped the cooked bought chicken up and made a light curry sauce to go with it, she also made some rice and an avocado sauce – all was delicious.

Again, all of us were tired so we all retired to bed by ten o’clock.

Poor Josh’ must have drawn the short straw as he had me and my snort and snoring to cope with, but … he was ever so polite about it!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy every second I can spend with Kerry’ and her family.

What am I grateful for today? That Paddy paid for me to be with family and attend Tyra’s wedding here in South Africa.

My saying for today is …

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