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Meet the Morgans

The Morgan's originate from South Africa and immigrated to Australia progressively over the years with the latest Morgan's arriving in Australia 15 years ago. As both Afrikaners and Australians the Morgan's are always looking to support the local community whilst combining their history and knowledge from farming in South Africa. 

Ken Morgan a.k.a "grandad"

Ken is an experienced farmer and veteran in working hard and smart. Ken works in conjunction with Paddy to establish breeding cycles, maintain the bulls and support the general maintenance of the farm. 

Gail Morgan (mother to Paddy, wife to Ken and Nannah to the rest of us)

Gail is the matriarch of the family and speaks gentle words to hard labouring cows, sneaks carrot treats to the cattle, and challenges the grandchildren in ever board game known to man with a good giggle and wine on the side. Nannah also keeps everyone up to date with the latest happenings on the farm via her blog, authors 'Life on the Land', and creates breathtaking artwork in her spare time.

Paddy Morgan 

Paddy is the family veterinarian and bussiness man. Paddy's passion for cattle and farming is evident in all his actions at Jabulani. Paddy works in tandem with Ken to support the ongoing growth and development of the Bonsmara stud. 

Rentia Morgan (wife to Paddy)

Ren is the farm vet nurse and greatest support. Ren works in the background of the farming life but escapes to the farm as often as possible. She consults with Paddy on breeding cycles, business strategies and spends a large portion of her time sharing love and laughter with the family and all of our visitors. 


The Morgans continue to multiply

And more grandchildren and family than you would imagine! The grandchildren and other family members are regularly recruited to come do fencing, to put out fires, help with odd jobs and to come relax and recuperate with Nannah's love and food keeping hearts and bellies happy! 

All family members are also subjected to initiation by pregnancy testing with brings many nerves and wicked giggles with it !

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