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Blog for Friday 3rd May 2024

I was awake before the chooks! Before the rooster even thought of crowing! Before the guinea fowl flew out the trees.

So, … you have gathered now that I was up early again!

This morning after feeding my feline and making my coffee I had my Quiet Time and did a little more of my Bible study.

Ken was up early this morning too, as we had to get the cattle in – well Ken and the dogs did that – then Ken selected which four steers he wanted to send into the sale in Wauchope. That was where I came into the picture. We pushed the animal down the race and into the crush and then separated the four going to the sale yards in there, and the rest of the steers were put back into the Home Camp.

After that I quickly came back inside to fill out the NVD (National Declaration Vendor) book. A couple of those pages had to go with the person carting our animals. Tick. Done that.

Then I shot into the shower to get ready to get to Sandra and Noel’s (in Ellenborough) a little earlier than they had asked me to as I was running ahead of time. They had said that they wanted to leave as early as possible, and I was trying to make that possible!

I did!

The reason for going early was because Noel and Sandra were also giving a lift to Marg’ and Wynne, and us ladies had volunteered to work in the kitchen preparing the food for the wake after Cheryl’ funeral so needed to be there early.

My goodness gracious golly gee, but there was a LOT of food! The women in our church always rise to the occasion and today was no exception. Wendy, a lady from our church, and Brien her husband, brought all the paraphernalia from our church like tablecloths, paper cups blah-blah-blah fish paste, and bottles of milk, flowers for the tables and so on. While she organized that Sandra, Marg’ and mwah worked like busy little bee putting all the cakes, biscuits, slices, sandwiches and goodies out onto the tables and wrapped in cling wrap to protect them from any inquisitive bugs.

Two ladies form the North Haven Baptist church (where the funeral was held) poured the teas and coffees - and water was out on the tables.

Because I was so busy in the kitchen, I did not have time to chat to people, but I saw my little friend Cathy for a few seconds. She is looking lovely, and I am sure it was not an easy afternoon for her as she was a good friend to and of Cheryl’s. “Love you, Cathy!”

Everything ran like clockwork and soon all was done. The kitchen was left sparkling, all our things packed, and we said our farewells and headed back into Wauchope to drop off Marg’ and Wynne, before heading to Ellenborough.

There were a lot of people who attended Cheryl’s farewell. Although she was a very quiet woman who was incredibly kind and caring, she never drew attention to herself at all, but she touched many lives in a wonderfully positive way. She will be missed by many.

The eulogies given were lovely and a testimony to who Cheryl was. Noeline, her Mum spoke highly of Cheryl and obviously loved her dearly, as did her sister, Glenys. Tony our pastor also spoke lovingly of her and was emotional in his farewell to her.


What lesson did I learn today?  Cheryl’s farewell reminded me to live my dash well.

What am I grateful for today? Having known and met Cheryl here on earth and knowing that she is in perfect peace now.

My saying for today is …

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