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Blog for Saturday 30th March 2024

I slept well, although I do vaguely remember Ken waking me up as I was yelling in my dream. I have absolutely no recollection what all that hoo-hah was about though.

I got up and out of bed at ten to four this morning, ready for a new day. Shamara was there in our bedroom doorway, waiting to lead me straight to her food bowl as normal!

Raafie, the little scoundrel left Ken and mwah last night to go and sleep in someone else’s bed instead of sleeping with us. Very hurtful but was wonderful for me as I had some duvet during the night which Raafie normally snaffles from me!

I fed Shamara, made my coffee and tiptoed up to my studio to have my Quiet Time long before the household moved a whisker!

The day arrived coddled in layers of mist and soft drizzle, but when the sun decided to show her face the temperature began to climb and any signs of rain or drizzle disappeared like magic.

It was a beautiful day.

Paddy and Matt’ carted the large wooden table down to the river and put five chairs from the bottom shed there, and later I brought down on the back of the ute’ a lot more chairs.

Paddy and Matt’ worked, Ken had a relaxed day and the rest of us trundled down to the river and sat on the chairs on the riverbank or had a swim. Tamryn had also brought with her to the farm two of those ‘Unsolved Murder Cases,’ so we all sat around the table, down by the river and became instant detectives as we endeavored to solve this unsolved case!

Later some of us walked or hitched a ride with Paddy back to the top shed to have lunch. I had put out wraps with the different meats, salads, cheese and a variety of mayonnaises, and everyone made their own wrap.

After lunch some of the men shot with Matt’s rifle – he was setting its sights again, and then later they all went fishing, something that Ryan did in the morning too. Most of the ladies had a snooze but I sat up in my studio trying to work out who unsolved mystery.

Later, just Tamryn and I worked it out and yes, we solved the murder case with a one-two-three! I think I have missed my vocation!

As the day slowly leaked away, Ken went out and fed the steers and bulls and checked on the cattle, Paddy finished the day with Matt’ by finding and fetching wood for the large braai fire for later.

Tonight it was Margie’s turn to make a salad – and she made two which were lovely and we had oh-so much meat beautifully and well grilled by Paddy and Matt’. Matt’ did most of the cooking and complained bitterly as all the hairs on is legs were singed and crispy! Poor guy did not receive too much sympathy, but he honestly deserved it!

I made a Pavlova slathered with a mix of custard and whipped cream topped with strawberries, blue berries, kiwi fruit, bananas and raspberries.

By just on or after ten o’clock, a great weariness descended upon most of us and slowly-slowly everyone peeled themselves away from the fire and headed to bed. Some stayed around the fire a little longer.

I think I was asleep before I had my body into bed!

What lesson did I learn today? To live in and enjoy the moment.

What am I grateful for today? A beautiful day.

My saying for today is …

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