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Blog for Easter Monday 1stApril 2024

Sometimes I wake up ready to go back to sleep again!

Wow, did I struggle to get out of bed or what this morning! I crawled out at twenty past five after only going to sleep at about midnight last night.

We had such a hilarious evening playing game after game after game – the last one being Pictionary, where everyone’s nerves were at twanging point as both teams were neck and neck, with no love lost between them I may add!

I had to put this photo in of a calm, very low river crossing … as the days over Easter were picture perfect.

For breakfast - well hang on, first it was coffees and rusks, then I put out croissants with jams, and also ham and cheese for those who prefer savory. There were cereals and local yoghurts, fruit, or toast. I put everything out and as everyone slowly arose from their beds they helped themselves and I tidied things up later.

Ren’, Tamryn and Matt’ were the first to leave and I think they left at nine-ish this morning ss they needed to get home – plus they were hoping to beat the heavy traffic. Then Dee, Seth and Shannon left at about half past ten, followed later by Neville and Margie.

Suddenly everything was far too quiet. Paddy was out working on the farm, Ken was resting, and I was back to hovering on my broomstick, neatening beds, and putting on loads of washing. I did not do the bed linen today but will save that for another day as I already had nine loads of washing to do!

I did all the washing which lasted the whole day and hung it out as fast as I could.

In the late afternoon Ken and Paddy went across to the Jung’s (our neighbors to the east) to get our wondering bull (a different one this time!) back from them, but their cattle refused to go into their ‘yards and after several attempts to get their cattle and our bull into the ‘yards and failing, they had to abandon that exercise and leave our bull there as Paddy had to leave the farm by six o’clock.

After that hoo-hah Paddy only left at about twenty past six but it was the best he and Ken could do! Another plan will have to be made to get said bull back here. And maybe a review should be done of our mutual fence line?

Our home was very quiet after Paddy left. I had everything swept, neat and tidy again, but the silence was almost deafening after all the chaos and noise!

I think I will kick back tomorrow and maybe do some drawing or painting for a change – something I threaten to do often, yet never do. Tomorrow is the day!

After continual eating over the weekend neither Ken nor I were hungry and will probably have yoghurt and fruit or something very light tonight.

What lesson did I learn today? To be disciplined and do what has to be done and not be guided by I-don’t-feel-like-doing-that feelings!

What am I grateful for today? That I got so much done and our home is neat, clean and tidy again with a one-two-three and a bit of hard work.

My saying for today is …

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